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Valerie Kundisova

Rainbow Glass by Felix de Saracho

Rainbow Glass by Felix de Saracho

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Original printed acrylic lightbox - collaboration with Martina Rodriguez

40 x 28 x 4 in.

Artist's Statement:

I consider my art to be improvised, psychedelic digital art, created without pre thought in most instances and the final product must speak to me visually. Psychedelic art is often misunderstood as brash or wild, but very often times in this chaos or randomness, beauty is formed. 

Many of my works are blending completely random images and manipulating them by either twisting and turning them, adjusting the colors, adding or subtracting elements, but all feels akin to jazz: free form, flowing until you hit a sweet spot. The image selection is also free form, something about them speaks to me and my mind is possibly creating art subliminally. 

My main method of bringing these pieces of art to life is by printing them on translucent acrylic and framing them into light boxes. The vibrant, lit up colors shine through in a very unique way and give any space an ambience that is unique to this style.

Learn more about the Felix here.


Artwork available for purchase as part of the Vibrant Visions popup until June 11, 2024. Free delivery within the greater San Diego area. For deliveries outside of San Diego, please contact the directly to discuss shipping options and costs.

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