Collection: A Place Imagined

Step into the sanctuary of 'A Place Imagined,' a captivating escape born from the depths of the artist's downtown San Diego abode during the tumultuous embrace of the 2020 Covid lockdown. Within this collection, each brushstroke whispers an intimate narrative, a reflection of the artist's emotional odyssey amidst the quietude of solitude.

Journey through the mosaic of moods that unfurl across the canvas - from moments of serene introspection to the tender dance of romantic contemplation, all infused with the pulse of hope for a radiant new dawn. Here, amidst the ethereal strokes, lies a sacred space where memories intertwine with dreams, weaving a rich tapestry of places once traversed and realms yet to be discovered.

'A Place Imagined' beckons collectors into a realm of boundless possibility, where the confines of reality blur and the soul finds solace in the promise of new horizons.