Valerie Kundisova, a San Diego native, blends her rich cultural heritage with a lifelong fascination for the diverse tapestry of human experiences. Raised by a Mexican mother and Slovak father, Valerie's childhood was a mix of languages, music, and global exploration, igniting within her a deeply romanticized perspective of the world.

From her earliest years, Valerie displayed an innate talent for artistic expression, capturing hearts and accolades with her creations. Under the guidance of an esteemed Mexican artist, she honed her skills in traditional mediums while learning the delicate interplay of light and form in still life, portraiture, and live model drawings.

Today, nestled within the vibrant hues of her San Diego studio, Valerie's artistic journey evolves, pushing the limits of convention to embrace the realms of abstraction and impressionism. Each brushstroke becomes a vessel for her emotions, weaving together fragments of memory, reverie, and the intimate moments of daily life - a poignant verse, a captivating melody, the warmth of an embrace.

Through her captivating canvases, Valerie invites collectors to embark on a transcendent voyage, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, and the essence of human experience is distilled into strokes of profound beauty.


2000 - 2006

D'Armi Art Academy, Fine Art: Sketching & Oil Painting, Still life, Portraiture, & A la Prima


2007 - 2013

San Diego State University, Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management w/ French Minor