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Valerie Kundisova

3 Prayers

3 Prayers

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3 - the magic number.

"3rd time's the charm"

3 wishes granted by the genie

3 primary colors of light: Red, Green & Blue

3 things in the cosmos: Energy, Matter & Nothingness

3 psychological components to a personality: Id, Ego, & Superego

3 types of muscle tissue: Skeletal, Smooth & Cardiac

3 types of Symbiotic Relationships: Parasitism, Commensalism, and Mutualism

3 parts to a simple syllogism: If, And, and Then

3 components to an atom: Electron, Proton, and Neutron

3 laws of Thermodynamics in a closed system: 1st Law - Matter can never be created or destroyed, 2nd Law - Entropy (the state of disorder), always increases, and 3rd Law - all molecular movement stops at absolute zero, or 0 degrees Kelvin (-273 C)

In Christianity, the holy trinity: father, son & holy spirit

In Hinduism, the Trimurti: Brahma (creator), Vishnu (preserver) & Shiv (destroyer)

In Buddhism, the 3 jewels

For Valerie, 3 prayers



30 x 40 in

Original oil on canvas.


For works included in the Vibrant Visions popup show, the preferable form of payment is through Venmo: @valerie-kundis-chalhoub - this helps ensure that the maximum value of each piece is delivered to the artist. 

Free delivery within the greater San Diego area. For deliveries outside of San Diego, please contact the artist directly to discuss shipping options and costs.

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