Collection: Found

From the depths of adversity emerges a triumph of the human spirit in 'Found,' a collection born from the artist's courageous journey of resilience and renewal. After a two-year hiatus marked by the shadows of stress and illness, these works stand as a testament to the power of the human soul to rise from the ashes and embrace life's boundless possibilities.

In stark contrast to the dreams and aspirations woven into 'A Place Imagined,' 'Found' draws its energy from the fertile soil of acceptance, joy, and a appreciation for the magic of the present moment. 

For collectors, each piece in 'Found' is not merely an acquisition but a reflection of the artist's triumph over adversity—a reminder that within every setback lies the seeds of growth and renewal. As you delve into this collection, may you too be inspired to unearth the power within yourself to navigate life's twists and turns with grace.